Arrtx Oil Pastels – Video Review

In today’s video I have a closer look on the Paul Rubens Oil Pastels and the new Arrtx acrylic markers. I have you to tell in advance, that I am not an oil pastel artist! I love mixed media and I use oil pastels in my sketchbook to add some accents or for mark making in my art journal. For this purpose I am really happy with both sets. The pastels are super creamy and blend really nicely. The acrylic markers have a brush tip and are permanent once they are dry! This is awesome, as I’ve never seen something like that.

Autumnal Watercolour Palette Setup

Over the weekend I setup a small watercolour palette with some of my favourite granulating colours with an autumnal feel. I just wanted to have a small box, because I plan to take this on out on location drawing. Click more for a list of the paints that are in there and to see some samples.

Pages from my Sketchbook

I love to draw in my sketchbook and for about 4 months now it became a daily habit for me. Of course I don’t share all my pages, but here are some that I made to be kind of prepared for our summer holidays in Croatia. I am working in mixed media with Markers, Pastels, Gouache, Colored Pencils and Crayons. You will find my favourite Art Supplies here.