Abstract Watercolor Painting in my Art Journal – Process Video

Abstract painting can be a wonderful way to express yourself and relax. You can work with different colors, textures and materials to create unique and interesting works of art. This process can help reduce stress and anxiety. You can experiment with colors and shapes. Intuitive painting gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively and is a great way to just enjoy the creation process. In today’s video tutorial I create in my Kunst und Papier watercolor book with mainly watercolors in a playful way. I do some markmaking with stamps, paint pens and crayons

Art Journaling with NEON Watercolors – Video Tutorial

Hi everyone! In todays art journaling video tutorial I am working with the Paul Rubens Neon watercolors. I am creating an abstract art journal spread using also various stamps and a bit of white paint. The neon watercolor are really lovely and some of them have a nice granulation. They are perfect if you like it bold an bright. For the focal image of this art journal page I am using a stamp from our Doodle Flowers stamps set. Read more to watch the video tutorial and see another version of this art journal page.

Abstract Watercolor Art Journaling – Process Video

In today’s process video I am creating an intuitive and relaxing spread in my Moleskin watercolor art journal. I really love these kind of making art to calm down, relax and get my creative juices flowing. The process is purely intuitive and without any pressure. I explore markmaking, mixed media techniques and color palettes while creating the page. I also used a few stamps to add more interest. Click on more to watch the process video.

Staming with Gesso + Grungy Mixed Media Tags – Video Tutorial

I’m sharing the making some grungy mixed media tags today over on my YouTube channel. I had so much fun to create them. To create textured I stamped the background with gesso, that creates a nice effect when you go on top with watercolors. Click on more if you want to see the video and also close-up images of my finished tags.

Abstract Watercolor Art Journaling (Process Video) – Inktober Day 26

Today’s video is Day 26 of #inktober. I am making 31 abstract mixed media art journal pages using at least one ink product on every spread.

Page in my Junk Art Journal using Watercolors – Video Tutorial

In today’s video I am playing in my handmade junk art journal. I am using watercolors with a gesso resist technique to create some nice texture for the background. I also used some stamps from the Pencil Marks 2 set and from Mix It Up 1.

Autumnal Watercolour Palette Setup

Over the weekend I setup a small watercolour palette with some of my favourite granulating colours with an autumnal feel. I just wanted to have a small box, because I plan to take this on out on location drawing. Click more for a list of the paints that are in there and to see some samples.

Abstract Watercolor Art Journaling (Video Tutorial) – Inktober Day 15

Today’s video is Day 15 of #inktober. I am making 31 abstract mixed media art journal pages using at least one ink product on every spread. I posted my first and 8th spread the last weekends and all the others are available here on my blog with a short video clip or over on my Instagram page.

Abstract Watercolor Art Journaling

Playing abstract with watercolors is one of my favourite habits to take some creative minutes off on a busy day. It’s an relaxing, joyful and intuitive process. I combine the watercolors with other materials like pencils, crayons and stamps.

Review on the Paul Rubens GUCAI Watercolors

In today’s video I have a closer look on the Paul Rubens GUCAI Watercolors. These are metallic watercolors. They are great for handlettering, mixed media projects, cardmaking and to add beautiful accents to your watercolor paintings. Some colors are more opaque than others, some are interference and some have a more glittery granulating effect.