Mixed Media Art Journaling Video & Testing some new Products

In today’s video I have a closer look on the Paul Rubens Oil Pastels and the new Arrtx acrylic markers. I have you to tell in advance, that I am not an oil pastel artist! I love mixed media and I use oil pastels in my sketchbook to add some accents or for mark making in my art journal. For this purpose I am really happy with both sets. The pastels are super creamy and blend really nicely. The acrylic markers have a brush tip and are permanent once they are dry! This is awesome, as I’ve never seen something like that.

For the art journal page I also used the MeiLiang watercolors. I have already reviewed them and truely think they are a great set for beginners!

Enjoy watching the video:

Here are the swatches of the Oil Pastels:

These are the swatches of the Acrylic Markers. I used my Royal Talens Sketchbook and the oil pastels bleed through this page, so that’s the reason for the color changes in the swatches.

Thanks for stopping by today! xx Susanne

Rubber Dance Stamps:

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