Arrtx Oil Pastels – Video Review

In today’s video I have a closer look on the Arrtx Oil Pastels. They were so kind and sent me the 72 set. I have you to tell in advance, that I am not an oil pastel artist! I love mixed media and I use oil pastels in my sketchbook to add some accents or for mark making in my art journal. The selection of colors in this set is amazing, the pastels are super creamy and blend really nicely. Also layering works surprisingly good. Click on more for the video!

Enjoy watching the video:

Here is the birdy I created with the pastels. I used my Royal Talens Art Creations sketchbook. I love this loose and childish way of drawing.

Here are the swatches of the Oil Pastels:

Finally I tried the pastels on an acryli paint paper pad, with a linen textured. I really think this a better surface then the sketchbook if you are like painting only with Oil Pastels. I myself prefer to use them for finishing touches on my art work or in my sketchbook.

Thanks for stopping by today! xx Susanne

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5 Kommentare zu „Arrtx Oil Pastels – Video Review

  1. Wow the colors are gorgeous! I love your bird. The swatches look like lipstick swatches. I love working with oil pastels. They seem like adult crayons. How do or would you scan this?


    1. Happy you like the bird. Well, I have some here for kids and also the Faber-Castell ones and some from Pentel. The Arrtx are definitely much better than those! They remind me on the Sennelier Pastels because they are so creamy. But I am sure, the Sennelier ones have the better quality in the end.

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