Sketchbook Spread & Domestika Review – What are my favourite courses on this learning platform?

Domestika reached out to me for a collaboration recently, and of course I said yes, because Domestika is an online learning platform that I am using for years already to push my creative mojo and also to improve my painting and illustration skills. In this post I have a video for you of the process of the sketchbook spread you see underneath. I will also give you more information on the class I recently took and also on my favourite ones. At the end of my post you will find a list with my favourite classes. If you are interested in sketchbooking, watercolor and mixed media then these are worth to be checked out. Domestika has an ongoing BLACK FRIDAY sale, so there are many deals to save some money.

Heute habe ich eine kleine Collaboration mit Domestika. Domestika ist eine Online-Lern-Plattform für Künstler und Bastler. Ich buch schon seit einigen Jahren Kurse auf dieser Plattform und bin mehr als zufrieden. Die meisten Kurse sind in spanisch und englisch, aber sie haben alle Untertitel in deutsch. Im heutigen Video zeige ich dir wie ich diese Seite im Skizzenbuch gemalt habe und gebe dir ein paar mehr Infos zu dem Kurs den ich aktuell schaue und zu meinen absoluten Favoriten. Wenn du also auch gern im Bereich Mixed Media kreativ bist, kann ich dir diese Plattform nur empfehlen.

Here is the list with my favourite teachers and courses:

On Top of my list is Adolfo Serra! He is an Illustrator from Spain and his work is absolutely amazing! I recommend all of them:

Next on my List is Maru Godas. She is an artist from Spain, too. She makes the most amazing „urban sketches“ I’ve ever seen. She is an amazing illustrator with a bright, colorful and happy style.

Another teacher I mentioned in the video is the urban sketching artist Jenny Adam from Germany. She has such a great way to use color and build details whilste staying super loose. Her course is called Modern Urban Sketching Techniques with Mixed Media.

Another course I find super inspiring ist from Agnes Decourchelle. It’s called Sketchbook Landscapes: A Colorful Approach. Her way of capturing a landscape is so playful and happy. I love how she works with contrasts and color.

Another amazing urban sketcher is Inma Serrano. I love her style and her interpretation of urban scenes. Her class is called: Urban Sketching: Capture Your City in Motion.

Next on my list is Juan Camilo Mayorga. In my opinion it’s not for beginner sketchers or painters. It’s for those who want to dive deeper into illustration. I loved his class, because he has some great tips and I also really enjoy his way of playing with different materials. His course is called Watercolor and Mixed Media for Illustrated Books.

These are more sketching art journaling classes I enjoyed:

If you are more into Watercolor painting, then checkout these classes:

These are the ones I’ve already watched and enjoyed, but there are many others over on the Domestika Plattform. Don’t miss their BLACK FRIDAY DEALS this week!

I wish you a nice and creative day!

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