Gelli Plate Printing – Video Tutorial

In today’s gelli printing session I am making some Christmas prints with unusual colors. The color schemes are picked from some of the color cards I shared in my last video. I am using those gelli prints for cardmaking, artist trading cards, collages, mini albums or gift tags.

How to come up with some nice Color Palettes

Today I am sharing how I make my color cards. I use them for inspiration and to record interesting color combinations. I am using my Journal Note stamp set for the cards, but of course you can create them without any stamp. For my cards I am working with the Neocolor II Crayons, but of course, it’s possible to use any other art medium to make them.

Mixed Media Tags with Neocolor II Crayons

I’m creating some mixed media tags today using Neocolor II Crayons and a lof of stamps. These tags are very easy to make and a lof of fun to experiment with the crayons.

Abstract Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Neocolor Crayons – Video Tutorial

For today’s abstract art journal page I am working mostly with Neocolor II crayons. I asked you guys over on my Instagram stories to pick a color scheme and this is what I am going to use today. I am also using some collage elements and some stamps. I also use the Neocolors for stamping.

Autumnal Mixed Media Tags – Project from my Book

Today I am recreating a project from my book, Colorful Art. At the moment it’s only available in german, but hopefully it will be published in english in the future. For these tags I am creating a background tissue paper with watercolors.

Abstract Watercolor Art Journal Page – Video Tutorial

o get my creative juices flowing, I often create these kind of art journal pages. They are super simple and don’t take much time. They also fit perfectly into a busy day. Today I am working with the Gansai Tambi Watercolors. I have them for years and haven’t been using them for a long time. As I don’t want to hoard my art supplies I decided to pull them out an use them for some paintings.

Atmospheric Mixed Media ATCs from ruined Painting

One reason I am not afraid to ruin a painting is, that you can create beautiful small pieces of art from it! Even if you think the painting is ugly it can be turned into something pretty. This project is inspired by one of the projects from my new book. And of course I have„Atmospheric Mixed Media ATCs from ruined Painting“ weiterlesen

Abstract Art Journaling – Mixed Media Intuitive Painting

Creating abstract and intuitive paintings is so much fun. I totally get into a flow and I am just focusing on the painting process. There is no thinking or planning, just painting and enjoying all those beautiful colors. I truely believe that EVERYONE can paint! There is absolutely no drawing experience needed. Today I am using watercolor pencils, a little bit of acrylic paint and Crayons. You don’t need any fancy or new art supplies! You can use what you have!

Easy Art Journaling with Stabilo Woodys – Video Tutorial

I made a bunch of autumnal Artist Trading Cards using up a lot of my Gelli Print Scraps. For these cards I used my favourite autumn stamp sets. The Carved Whimsy Wood and Textured Mushrooms! All stamps are linked at the end of the post.